Moving To A New Home? Here’s How To Get On With The Neighbors From The First Day.

Moving in and out of a home can be stressful, and thankfully it doesn’t last for many days. Since a neighborhood will experience very few moves in a year or over a few years, neighbors are usually very tolerant.

But if you are moving into a new neighborhood, it’s a good idea not to annoy your new neighbors from the onset, by following these guidelines:

Remove your possessions from shared driveways, hallways, etc. as soon as possible.
Your neighbors will be considerate enough when you leave things in these areas, as you figure out where to place your stuff in your new home. But don’t tax their patience and cooperation by leaving your possessions in their way or sight for longer than necessary.

When you move, consult with your neighbors on where to park.
While this may not be important if you have your own driveway, you may be parking extra cars on the street. When this happens, you never know whom you might be blocking in or if you are stealing someone’s needed spot. This kind of communication will help break the ice, and your neighbors will get a good first impression of you.

Make an effort to introduce yourself and your family.
In the hustle and bustle of the moving process and setting up you home, you may wait a while before you introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Sure you will give them a cursory wave and smile as you are sure to bump into them, but putting that extra effort and “wiping your hands off” to introduce yourself, can set the stage for a friendly relationship with your new neighbors.

Be mindful when setting up your home.
You will be busy setting up your home for the first few days. This may require banging on walls, some drilling, moving furniture, etc. Don’t do these at late hours of the day, when the noises can be heard from afar. Even though many know that these are short-lived noises, by making these noises at “reasonable times”, shows consideration for your neighbors.

Plan a welcome party.
If you are the sociable type, why not send out an invitation to your neighbors for a small get together at a future date. Try something like:” I’m new to the neighborhood and would love to meet you! Please feel free to stop by [your home address or apartment number] between 3 and 5pm on Saturday for a casual get together. Drinks and refreshments will be provided. Hope to see you there!” You probably won’t get everyone to attend, but you’re likely to meet quite a few friendly faces throughout the day.

If you have any questions on this topic or any other that we have been extensively writing about, contact us and we can give you more insight.

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